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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Joys of Marriage: Watching Chick Flicks Alone

Above is ABBA. Thanks to the movie Lauren and I watched last night, I have ABBA painfully stuck in my head. Last night was date night. We made dinner at home then went to get dessert at the Melting Pot. After a week of hard work, we both decided renting a movie would be a great way to wind down, and since I picked the last one, I figured letting Lauren pick a girlier movie was only fair. The movie was Mama Mia, and after dessert we came home and put it on.

Now, Lauren and I are very different in our sleeping habits. I take a while to fall asleep, I don't sleep much, and I wake up easily and quickly. Lauren is the complete opposite. She can fall asleep in the middle of a sentence and take well over an hour to convince out of bed. This goes for movies as well. No matter how good a movie is, Lauren can and probably will fall asleep in it. She's even fallen asleep in a movie theater. I on the other hand, regardless of how tired I am, cannot fall asleep in a movie. This poses a peculiar problem with chick flicks. I knew coming into marriage to expect the unexpected, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I end up watching chick flicks alone while Lauren sleeps.

So with that said, I confess that I watched the movie Mama Mia by myself last night. Lauren was in the room, but she didn't make it 15 minutes into the movie. As I recount last night's undermining of manliness, I also realize that I could have turned it off...which certainly doesn't help my case.

But's to ABBA, chick flicks, and the joy of my wife curled up next to me asleep on the couch.


Jana said...

This EXACT thing happened to us last weekend. Ok, I actually made it longer than 15 minutes. Almost the whole thing. But, still, Greg finished watching Mama Mia alone. Oops. What can I say?

Cody Kimmel said...

I'm so glad I am not alone in this.