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Friday, October 3, 2008

Bon Iver, Horse Feathers, and What Made Milwaukee Famous

Its seems like whenever summer ends and fall begins to roll around the corner, I go on the hunt for new music. So far I have come across three artists that have mad me really excited about music.

The first two bands I came across were introduced to me by my friend Matt.

Bon Iver came out of songwriter Justin Vermon's retreat into 3 months of solitude after his band broke up. The music is really refreshing and, thanks to Virb, his whole album can be listened to online. Listen to Bon Iver here.

Horse Feathers is a band out of Portland that is worth checking out. You can listen and download their whole album here.

What Made Milwaukee Famous is an Austin based band I stumbled upon hunting through music blogs and I am excited to listen to them. Check out What Made Milwaukee famous here.

Also, another website I would check out is Take Away Shows. This is where I hope music and artistic media is going.

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