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Monday, February 8, 2010

Acceptable Sacrifice

“And when you sacrifice a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the LORD, you shall sacrifice it so that you may be accepted.” Leviticus 22:29

Leviticus is a nightmare of a book for a non-details person. Every single sacrifice, every offense, the garments, the building structure, the diet, the feasts, and laws, everything is elaborated to account for every detail. At many times it seems as though God is being redundant. However, the book of Leviticus does have a powerful theme that makes the details significant. God wants his people to be holy, because He is holy. God gives Moses so many details about every process because its important the people get it right and be holy. God wants the sacrifices made by the people to be accepted. He doesn't want them to fail at being his people, so he leaves them detailed instructions. While reading this I grew very convicted of my own offerings to the Lord. Are the songs I lead, the bible studies I have, the prayers I pray, the service and tithe I give acceptable to God? The bible makes it clear that God isn't interested in any kind of worship, but in the kind of worship he has prescribed for his people. Chapters before, Aaron's sons are destroyed because they did not worship the Lord the way in which he commanded them. When I lead worship in a way that glorifies myself or lead with a heart of pride and arrogance, it is not acceptable. When I speak of God in such generalities as to not make him distinct amongst other gods, the offering is not acceptable. When I give or serve or sing or pray or do anything under the guise of worship that is not truly intended for the glory of God, it is not an acceptable offering. God wants us to give sacrifices that will be accepted. 

Lord Jesus, examine our offerings and convict us of false worship. We want to give you the praise you desire and the offerings you will accept!

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