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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gran Torino and the Cry for True Manliness

So last night Lauren and I watched the movie Gran Torino. It was amazing!

Apart from being scared to death of Clint Eastwood, it opened my eyes to something about our culture. I found throughout the movie that it was strange that I liked Clint Eastwood's character. He was racist, bitter, irreligious, and an alcoholic, but somehow he ended up being one of the more respectable and strong heroes I'd seen in a movie in a long time. As I caught myself being sucked into the movie, I couldn't help but ask why I liked the character so much.

After watching the movie it's plain to so see why he was such a great protagonist. He had courage. He had no tolerance for bullies. He spoke things directly. In the end, he proved to be a great example of genuine manliness...which got me thinking...

I might be reading into the movie and the implications it has for society a little too much, but I think this movie shows an underlying desire by men to be real men. It is apparent that men being men is not the norm in this culture. Senators and other men in power are being seen more and more to betray their commitment to their family, their values, and their duties as a leader, for their own selfish pleasure. Men are becoming more content to sit at desks and get by then be extraordinary at what they do. Even men in ministry are often times more content to sit in meetings, stay in church and outsource the scary parts of ministry then lead by doing.

It seems like the culture we are living in is exactly the culture we can expect. Boys with no dads are now growing up to be men with no courage. And I think people are starting to realize it and miss having a man in the house.

Anyway, it was a great movie and it reminded of the importance of being a man in a culture full of cowards and bullies.


Kelli said...

Mr. Kimmel. I've never read your blog before but I did today. I really enjoyed this post. And I agree with it. Good insight.

n8patrick said...

I'll have to see this movie now. Again, as the person commented before me, I agree with your point.

Have you read Wild at Heart? I enjoyed the book and it touched on this subject and spoke to my heart at least...